Our FAQ on GDPR.

On this page you can get answers to the questions that our customers often provide to the personal data regulation. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our support.

Q: Where can I find Wedoios Data processor agreement?

A: We have published our data Processor agreement on our website that you can download a copy of right here.

Q: Er kundedata adskilt i Wedoio?

A: No. However, Wedoio does not store any data in addition to transaction registrations and logging of these.

Q: Do Wedoio developers outside the EU?

A: Yes, we use developers in several different countries.

Q: Do Wedoios developers outside the EU have access to our personal data?

A: No, our developers outside the EU do not have direct access to your personal data.

However, there will be situations where they have to solve support cases, and here it requires that they have access to your database in order to solve the problem.

When you send a screenshot to a support case that our Malaysian developers need to solve the challenge, we are technically sending personal data outside the EU. Therefore, we have a Separate data processes agreement with our development partner so that we meet our obligations as a data processor and can still provide the best service to our customers.

Q: Who is the controller and who is the data processor?

A: The controller is the person who collects data, i.e. the data You. The responsible person chosen is the liaison between Wedoio Integrations and you as a customer regarding everything related to data protection and the EU Personal Data Regulation (GDPR).

The responsible contact person will also be the recipient of news about data protection measures and changes, e.g. when replacing sub-processors.

We are the data processor and our role is to manage data on your behalf.

The above information has been prepared according to the Danish industry, the IT industry and the data protection websites.

Q: How does the data processing agreement apply to our subsidiaries that use the same access to or through Wedoio?

A: We only sign a data processor agreement with the main contractor. This means that it is the main responsibility of the contract owner to manage your internal handling of what data you are processing through Wedoios services and services, because you are the data controller.

Q: How can the controller ask for further insight into the data in the Wedoio?

A: At Wedoio, only the controller can request access to data in Wedoios systems and services. The insights may, for example, relate to deletion of data, import, export and scripting of data.

If an employee, other than the controller, requests insight, then we will first notify the controller and ask for their consent.

As a data controller, you must always contact you in writing by email to info@wedoio.com. You can expect up to four weeks of processing time.