Uniconta REST API-Direct access to Uniconta.

400 + Endpoints

Wedoio Uniconta REST API extends continuously and includes more than 400 endpoints.

Easy integration

Use the Uniconta REST API to quickly, safely and easily develop integration between your application and Uniconta.

Secure access

Wedoio Uniconta REST API is hosted at Microsoft Azure, ensuring full uptime and scalability.

Why should you use Wedo Uniconta REST API?

Easy access to Uniconta

With the Wedoio Uniconta REST API, you gain full access to all available fields in Uniconta with well-known integration techniques, for faster development.

Filter on all fields

Easily search in your Uniconta data filtering on any field value makes the REST API easy to use in any situation and gives you a flexible and agile connection.

REST API Standard

Wedoio continuously develops the REST API to support all available endpoints and functions in Uniconta.

Can be used in any language

Your developer is not tied to one platform, but is allowed use the language and platform that best fits the task.

Well documented

All endpoints and fields are fully documented in Swagger, and through a specific enum endpoint you can get an overview of all available endpoints and fields.

Custom-Designed endpoints

Wedoio develops by task custom specific endpoints with desired logics. It ensures flexibility and economy in the integration solutions for Uniconta.

Meet our Customer: Badgeland

Badgeland is part of the Reklameland group, comprised of Badgeland, Reklameland, Stickerland and Magnetland in four countries, namely Denmark, Sweden, Norway and England. We currently employ 10 people, and have a yearly turnover of approx. 13 million DKK on a group basis.

We have a solid growth in our business, and continually enter into new markets. We operate our business through our webshop concept, developed by us over the years. Our shop solutions all run on Linux-based systems, developed in PHP, and communicate internally and externally through REST APIs.

Therefore, when we needed to replace our financial system, it was important for us that we could exchange data between our shop

solutions and the financial system through the REST API. Wedoio and their solid REST API for Uniconta have been the perfect solution for us.

This ensures an effortless and smooth exchange of all the necessary data between Uniconta and our external systems.

The cooperation with Wedoio has been valuable and constructive, and has opened up new opportunities that we will continue to work on in the future.

We warmly recommend Wedoio, and Wedoio’s service and sparring, for your business.

Thomas Hansen, CEO

Wedoio Uniconta Rest-API on Swagger.

Find our main documentation directly on swagger and instructions, tips and tricks on our help pages.
We maintain documentation of all endpoints and fields on an ongoing basis as Uniconta evolves.


Custom Endpoints and logic.

Wedoio is specialized in integrations and in the Uniconta RESTfull API. We service a number of customers with individually designed endpoints and logic. Based on our deep knowledge of the Unicontas API, we can offer to design and develop endpoints and solutions that will cover most specific requests and needs for modern complex REST API solutions.


it is in our DNA.

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