How Wedo Woo works.

Control your shop from Uniconta

With our solution, you do not have to switch between different systems but will be able to manage all daily shop functions directly from Uniconta.

Create your item in Uniconta

Create and maintain your item data with product images, texts and categories and put it online in the shop, directly from Uniconta.

Order directly in Your Uniconta

Your shop order falls directly into your normal sales order flow in Uniconta. Receive the order, ship and invoice, and you are all done.

Why should you use Wedo Woo?

Become visible on World Wide Web

With our integration for WooCommerce you get your products out on the internet and gain access to the world’s largest sales channel.

Handle sales order in one place

All your sales orders fall directly into your sales order flow in Uniconta, and you will be able to handle them entirely like any other order.

Control your shop directly from Uniconta

With our integration for WooCommerce, you do not have to jump around between the systems, but you will be able to handle everything directly from Uniconta.

Avoid double work

Simply maintain and update your product data in one place and we will make sure you sync all the essential details to your webshop.

Price agreements directly in Uniconta

You can manage individual prices for your customers directly in Uniconta. When your customer logs into the webshop, their current individual prices are displayed.

Manage all product data

All product data is assembled in one place, so you do not need to be an expert on multiple systems, or update data in multiple locations, and everything is managed in one central location. Easy, fast and simple.

How can we help you?

With the Wedo-Woo solution, you get a simple and easy everyday life where your Uniconta financial system works closely with your WooCommerce webshop, so you do not have to maintain multiple systems, but can stay focused, and handle all of it daily directly from Uniconta.

With our new shop we save several hours a day on maintenance, and our products are always fully updated in our shop.

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You spent too much time on duplication, and often had errors in stock information and prices in your shop, and mistakes by manually processing orders.


No more duplication, and no more errors in data between systems. Much better online sales, and better service to your customers.

Take advantage of the potential of your business and get online with all your products. Take advantage of all the many options available to grow your business.

Our new webshop solution has provided us with a whole new opportunity to trade directly with B2C market. We could not manage this in the past.

Get started quickly with Wedoios pre-build Uniconta WooCommerce solution. Complete webshop solution ready in a few days.

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Did not exploit the potential of being present on the Internet. Missed many possible sales compared to the competitors who were already on the Internet.


Increased sales and service, through a solid webshop solution that brings all the company’s products and services right up to potential customers in the decision-making phase.

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