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Full integration of Uniconta and WooCommerce.

Create your product *******

You create your products, add captions and images, select shop categories in the Uniconta. Then you are ready to sell your products in WooCommerce *********************

Customers order *******

Your customers are completing order and payment directly in your WooCommerce webshop. The customer and the order are then automatically created in Uniconta, ready for expedition.

Handle Order ************

You handle your WooCommerce webshop order directly in Uniconta, completely like any other order in Uniconta. Easy, simple and secure. ************** ***************

Systems are updated

All relevant data is synchronized automatically, for example: products, product images, stock, customers, individual prices, sales order, and much more.  **********************

Why should you use Wedo Woo?

Simple to use

Our Uniconta WooCommerce Connector is an advanced plugin that makes your shop work easy and simple to handle.

Supports more features

The Uniconta-WooCommerce connector supports and enforce the best use of specialized WooCommerce features and plugins directly.

Dynamic Data Mapping

With our integration for WooCommerce you can map fields freely between WooCommerce and Uniconta, without a programmer help.

No more Double work

Simply maintain and update your product data in one place and we will make sure you sync all the essential details to your webshop automatically.

How we help you?

Wedoio Uniconta WooCommerce Connector ensures full integration between systems, ensuring a scalable and flexible solution, with our intuitive Mapping tool and WooCommerces other customization options.

Depending on the solution you choose, we help you get started with your Uniconta WooCommerce integration. You will find, among other things, detailed help videos and articles that guide you through the standard plugin setup, and you are always welcome to contact us on our chat.

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‘I spent too much time on duplication, and often had errors in stock information and prices in our shop, and manual processing of orders resulted in mistakes.’


No more duplication, and no more errors in data between systems. Much better online sales, and better service to your customers. **************** *******

A subset of the features supported by the Uniconta WooCommerce connector:

You create and maintain your product data directly in Uniconta. We create a series of fields in your varerbillede where you add texts and choose which shop categories the different items will be shown in in your WooCommerce shop.
Wedo Woo-Uniconta-WooCommerce connector synchronizes your goods data between Uniconta and WooCommerce. All default data is synchronized automatically. For most data, data is synchronized in real time.

Customers are automatically created between Uniconta and WooCommerce. When you correct your customers ‘ data, payment terms, shipping addresses, or other base data, we automatically update the webshop so that your customers ‘ data always matches the systems.
Of course, we also update your customer data in Uniconta if your customers even correct their data in their customer account in WooCommerce.

Your customers are serving themselves directly in your shop, which holds open 24/7/365. Once the customer has placed the order in WooCommerce, the order is automatically created in Uniconta, and the item can be reserved immediately, so you do not sell an item that has already been ordered.
You handle the order in Uniconta in exactly the same way as any any other order.

We leverage Unicontas function at individual prices directly to your WooCommerce webshop. When your customer logs in, his current prices will be displayed and used. This also applies, of course, to calculating special prices depending on the number of pieces.

We have ensured that you can work on your integration without the use of programmers. With our dynamic mapping tool, you can connect various fields in WooCommerce directly with fields in Uniconta. It provides the highest degree of flexibility.

If you want the option to “require” e.g. A requisition field filled in for specific customers, a field can be set to it in the Uniconta. If this field is checked in the customer’s account in Uniconta, the customer must enter a requisition number before the order can be placed in WooCommerce.

If desired, a field can be set up in the customer’s account in Uniconta, where you can specify whether the customer will always have free shipping, regardless of whether the order amount is below the amount that is otherwise to be purchased, in order to obtain free shipping.

Wedoio Woo Uniconta-WooCommerce connector supports Master and Sub-accounts. This means that your customers can have a main account and associated sub accounts so that more employees can order in the WooCommerce shop, and still be billed through the main account.

Wedoio Woo Uniconta-WooCommerce connector supports multiple delivery addresses per customer. This means that you can create and maintain your customer’s various delivery addresses directly in Uniconta. As soon as they are created or modified, they will be synchronized to your WooCommerce WebShop.

Wedoio Woo Uniconta-WooCommerce connector handles whether your customers should be able to receive invoices or whether they have to pay by credit card immediately the order is placed.
If the terms of payment in Uniconta are for anything other than cash, the customer will be given the opportunity to choose whether they want an invoice for the purchase or whether they will pay immediately.

With our unique Mapping tool, you connect your own custom product categories in WooCommerce with the product categories in Uniconta. This means that one can even freely decide how to connect categories in Uniconta with categories in WooCommerce. One can, for example, also allow the same category from Uniconta to be included in several categories in WooCommerce.

If an employee is attached to the customer’s account in Uniconta, the employees ‘ name and contact details will be displayed on the customer’s “My Account” page in WooCommerce.

In the Unionta, you can specify a% end discount. For items, you can specify whether to calculate a total discount on the item if a customer with a total discount added the purchase item. This feature is supported with the Wedoio Uniconta WooCommerce Connector solution.

See Uniconta WooCommerce “in Action”.

It needs to be easy and simple to have a webshop. This is why we developed this ultimate webshop solution between Uniconta and WooCommerce.

All daily work to maintain a webshop is thought into the solution.

See how to manage a webshop in 2018 with Uniconta and WooCommerce.


Good documentation .

Below is a selection of our learning videos, so you can quickly adapt to our systems.

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Product Mapping Tab
Categories Mapping Tab
WooCommerce Uniconta Custom Specific Prices

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