Wedo Zendesk Tymeshift

Wedo Zendesk Tymeshift
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Project Description


Setup: from €679

Monthly subscription: from € 26

Wedo Zendesk/Tymeshift Solution for Uniconta

Automate the billing of time and material consumption in connection with Wedo Zendesk/Tymeshift.
The solution transfers time and material registrations to the sales order in Uniconta together with a full PDF report of the registrations in Zendesk/Tymeshift.

Wedo Zendesk gives You:

  • Quick Create sales order/invoices for example, completed support and tasks.
  • Saves manual work
  • Time saved in the administration
  • Avoids mistyping by manual work

How it works:

When a “Ticket” is completed in Zendesk, time and material registrations are collected from the Tymeshift, and a full PDF report is created as the basis for sales Order/invoicing.

Wedo Intercompany expanded

This solution creates and updates selected items from the production company to the sales company with base data and Prices.

The solution is set up individually for the individual customer.

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