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Project Description


Setup: from €679

Monthly subscription: from € 26


With the Wedo XML/CSV solution, you can upload data directly to Uniconta, you won’t get the manual work of entering Data.

Wedo Intercompany gives You:

  • Hurtigere opverførsel af relevant data, kan være alle typer data, f.eks ordre, POS registreringer, Vare og Prislister fra leverandører mm.
  • Time saved in the administration
  • Avoids mistyping by manual work

How it works:

The file places in a FTPs folder, and is downloaded automatically at predefined intervals.
Data is loaded, validated, and created/updated to the appropriate dataset in Uniconta.
The file is moved from “received” to “Processed” on FTPs

Individual setup and orientation

Wedoio sets up processes and data mapping in collaboration with Uniconta Partner and its customer.
XML/CSV files can also be uploaded via Dropbox, Onedrive and Google Drive after specific setup.

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