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Project Description


Setup: from DKK 9,995

Monthly subscription: from DKK 199

Wedo Shopify Solution for Uniconta

With the Wedo Shopify solution for Uniconta, you can manage most processes directly from Uniconta, without having to switch from one system to another to update all the essential data.

Wedo Shopify gives you:

  • products: Update your products directly from Uniconta. Updates among Others: item name, descriptions categories, tag’s, prices, featured, product images, stock Status.
  • Customers: Updating your customers between Uniconta and Shopify. Updates, among other things: customer data, delivery addresses, payment terms
  • Order: Creates your Shopify sales order directly in Uniconta, and updates inventory (reservation item). When the order is billed in Uniconta, the order in Shopify is updated to “completed”, ensuring that amounts are deducted from the customer’s credit card by credit card payment.
  • …. With more

How it works:

Wedo Shopify Expanded

With this solution individual scope and adaptation of the solution according to wishes and NEEDS is possible.

The solution is set up individually for the individual customer.

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