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Wedo Inter Company
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Project Description


Setup: from €679

Monthly subscription: from € 26

Wedo Intercompany Solution for Uniconta

With the Wedo intercompany solution you get rid of the manual work of creating orders between your sales company and your production company.

Wedo Intercompany gives You:

  • Faster transfer of purchase order from the sales company to the production Company.
  • Time saved in the administration
  • Avoids mistyping by manual work

How it works:

You create a purchase order in your sales company with your manufacturing company as a vendor.
The sales order is automatically created in your production company with the correct data and can be processed immediately.
After the order is executed and set to shipping, the corresponding sales order is updated in your Salgselskab and can be automatically set to Shipped.

Wedo Intercompany expanded

This solution creates and updates selected items from the production company to the sales company with base data and Prices.

The solution is set up individually for the individual customer.

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