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Automatic Synchronization of Products, Items, Customers, Cases and Workrapports

With our integration between Intempus and Uniconta you get all the important data synchronized between Intempus and Uniconta.
Most data will be updated near-realtime so both systems stay align.
All flows work automatically, you don’t have to do any manual processes, to get your data updated and maintained.

easy and reliable

Automate the processes with a Intempus for Uniconta Integration
The primary elements are synchronized in real time, so Intempus and Uniconta are always fully updated.
Customer data is synchronized

Debtors in Uniconta are created/updated to Intempus in almost realtime. Customers created in Intempus will be created in Uniconta with a delay at approx 15 minutes. From Uniconta only Debtors with the checkmark set will be created/updated to Intempus, Debtors created from Intempus will have this checkmark set automatically When a debtor is created the integration will check if the debtor is already existing by searching for name and vat numbers only.

Products data up to date

Items in Uniconta are created/updated to Intempus Products in almost realtime. Only items with the checkmark (xIntempus) set will be created/updated to Intempus. If an Item is “Blocked” in Uniconta, it will stop being synchronized automatically to Intempus. When a product is created/updated in Intempus, it is sent to Uniconta after a set interval ( default to 15 mns ). If the product have not been synchronized previously, a match is seek for in Uniconta using the sku fields. If the match is found then the matched invitem is updated instead, the checkmark is set to checked as well.

Projects/Cases exchanged

Only Projects with the checkmark set will be created/updated to Intempus.Also, note that a project will be syncronized from Uniconta to Intempus even if the Debtor/Customer is not created and set Intempus Active. Its status will not be changed in Uniconta so any direct update of the debtor will be updated until the checkmark is checked on the Debtor. From Intempus a case can be sent automatically after a set interval cron ( default to 15 mns ) and created in Uniconta.

Workraports are automatically synchronized

New and updated Work Reports are sent over to Uniconta every 15 mns. Note that if an employee have been set in the work report, it will be synchronized automatically to Uniconta to match the journalLine Employee field. The Work Reports are send over if they are created/updated after a valid date which is by default the date when the Integration have been created. Any work report before the valid date will be ignored.

Subscription - standard integration - without extensions
Kr. 249 / month
200 orders / month
Support via mail
Kr. 349 / month
500 orders / month
Support via mail and chat To the entrepreneur
Kr. 599 / month
1,500 orders / month
Support via mail, chat and phone Lots of orders included For growth companies
< 1,500 orders / month
Support via mail, chat and phone Lots of orders included Ideal for big business

Exceeding subscription and purchase orders.

Prices quoted per month by quarterly prepayment.

Set-up price: DKK 9,995

Note that you will need a server login to gain API access to Uniconta.
Contact your Uniconta dealer for details.

Many expansion options, including:
Wedoio WooCommerce Advanced is a wide range of expansion options for our WooCommerce standard integration. See descriptions and setup prices for each extension.
Free delivery
Managing free shipping on individual customers, managed directly on the Uniconta Debtor
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