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Project Description


Wedo WooCommerce Solution for Uniconta

With Wedo WooCommerce solution for Uniconta, You can manage most processes directly from Uniconta, without you having to switch from one system to another, to update all the important Data.

Wedo Woo gives You:

  • products: Update your products directly from Uniconta. Updates among Others: item name, descriptions categories, tag’s, prices, featured, product images, stock Status.
  • customers: Updating your customers between Uniconta and WooCommerce. Update: customer data, Delivery addresses, Payment Terms (automatic card management or Credit)
  • order: Creates your WooCommerce sales order directly in Uniconta, and updates inventory (book item). When the order is invoiced in Uniconta, the order is updated in WooCommerce for “completed”, ensuring that the amount is charged to the Customer’s credit card by credit card Payment.
  • Customer specific Prices: Supports the capabilities of Unicontas customer price list model so that individual prices for individual customers are also reflected directly in WooCommerce.
  • dynamic Field Mapping: Fields can be freely mapped through the Wedo Woo plugin with our dynamic mapping tool, for maximum Flexibility.
  • Free Shipping: Handling free Shipping on individual customers, managed directly on the customer in Uniconta
  • forced Rekvisitons number: option for required requisition number on individual customers, managed directly on the customer in Uniconta
  • Multiple delivery addresses: Supports Uniconta shipping addresses so that delivery addresses registered in Uniconta be made available in WooCommerce “Check out”.
  • cash and/or invoice customer: When a customer has a payment term of “cash”, payment by Credit/debit Card is only possible under “check out”. however, If the customer has a payment term of X days, it can be opened for the customer to be able to select invoice payment under “check out”.
  • Employee Contact Information: If an employee is attached to the simple customer in the Uniconta, the employees ‘ contact data can be displayed on the Customer’s “customer account” page in WooCommerce
  • Total Discount: If the “total discount” function is used in the Uniconta, This is also supported in WooCommerce, so that the discount is calculated according to the settings in the Uniconta.
  • …. With more

How it works:

You create a purchase order in your sales company with your manufacturing company as a vendor.
The sales order is automatically created in your production company with the correct data and can be processed immediately.
After the order is executed and set to shipping, the corresponding sales order is updated in your Salgselskab and can be automatically set to Shipped.

Plugin or Full solution:

The solution is offered as a standalone plugin, or as a full solution where Wedoio delivers a koplet finished-designed WordPress/WooCommerce webshop, ready to Use.

Wedo WooCommerce Expanded

With this solution individual scope and adaptation of the solution according to wishes and NEEDS is possible.

The solution is set up individually for the individual customer.

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