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Project Description




Finished shop: from € 4.729

Monthly Subscription: from € 79

Shop on Subscription:

Finished shop: from € 1.995

Monthly subscription: from € 195

Wedo WooCommerce + + Shop solution for Uniconta

With Wedo WooCommerce + + Shop solution for Uniconta, you get all the benefits of using one of the worlds most used webshop system, which builds on WordPress. There are more than 60,000 plugins for WordPress, and also several thousand plugins for WooCommerce, which makes a shop solution built on WordPress and WooCommerce for one of the most flexible solutions Imaginable.

Wedo Woo + + Shop gives You:

  • Full-function Shop Solution
  • Future-proof solution, with many possibilities for further development on demand and needs
  • Fully-designed Shop for your logo and colours
  • Al funktoinalitet with Wedo Woo plugin (PRO)
  • …. With more

How it works:

We design your shop in cooperation with YOU. Contact us for a discussion of the Possibilities.

Buy your pre-built webshop or get it on a subscription basis:

You choose if you want to buy your webshop and have it hosted where you want, or if you want to subscribe to the solution, where we host and maintain your shop continuously so that you can focus on what is væentligt for you.
Wedo WooCommerce Expanded

With this solution, it’s possible to for individual scope and adaptation of the solution according to wishes and NEEDS.

The solution is set up individually for the individual customer.

See more Here: Wedo Woo

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