PHP Developer
For Wedoio

Fullstack PHP Developerfor Wedoio Integrations ApS

Are you passionate about building technical solutions and working with complex integrations?

Do you want to work with the future integration solution based on Wedoio’s proprietary IPAAS technology?

Then you are just right for Wedoio!


You get a unique opportunity to become part of a team that works purposefully to change the way we think about digital automation, integrations, and solutions. We work primarily in the PHP platform, but are considering alternatives in the future, including python, ruby on rails, AI/ML where it may make sense.

You must therefore be both a skilled PHP developer with insight into and understanding of why Micro Services and APIs play a key role in a company’s digital transformation – and you also have years of experience with PHP.

If you also have experience with front end development in React it will only be a huge plus. You will be part of the entire process in building solutions from specification to design and implementation. Together with the rest of the team, you help you choose the technologies that best fit the solution to the task.

Specifically, you have experience with:

  • • PHP programming and like good knowledge of PHP frameworks like Symfony, Drupal, Laravel or
    CMS like wordpress.
  • • Building APIs and using existing ones
  • • MongoDB / MySQL
  • • Python – as we consider switching to the platform
  • • React JS / React native
  • • HTML/CSS

You Are

Your personality is of great importance to Wedoio.

Wedoio is a Startup company, therefore it is important that you are a team player who takes a professional honor in providing high quality solutions and who thrives in a team that works agilely in close cooperation with the business and that you want to join a team that thinks it is fun to help develop a business.

You can also say yes to:

Wedoio also allows you to develop in many different directions, as there is an opportunity to try your hand at a wide range of technologies.

  • • You code because you can’t help it
  • • Takes ownership and responsibility for your solutions
  • • Has a pragmatic mindset
  • • Is a problem solver
  • • You like working in a team
  • • Appreciate pull requests and code reviews
  • • Fluent in Danish and English – speaking as well as in writhing

We offer

Wedoio Integrations offers an exciting position where you will be a part of a growing IT Startup, where your contributions will have direct effect on the company as well as for the customers.

Wedoio also allows you to develop in many different directions, as there is an opportunity to try your hand at a wide range of technologies.

In addition, you will get:

  • • A pay package that matches the requirements of the position and your qualifications
  • • Free fruit and Redbull
  • • Talented colleagues who, like you, are passionate about their professions
  • • Opportunity to work with Wedoios IPAAS technology in exciting projects


As we assess the applications on an ongoing basis, we look forward to receiving your application as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the post, you are welcome to contact Peter Köhn at tel. 70222274, or by e-mail peter@wedoio.com

We Are

Wedoio Integrations Aps In Odense, which through a strong SAAS and ERP partner network, develops and maintains an increasing number of integration solutions, primarily developed in our own IPAAS solution. We build both standardized integration solutions on behalf of other SAAS companies, but also develop other integrations based on the specific needs of our customers.

We are a true IT startup company consisting of a smaller but very competent team that. We work agilely and dynamically with the development of our core IPAAS solution. On a day-to-day basis, the tone is informal and there is always room for creative thoughts and ideas.

Wedoio Integrations work colsely together with some of the best ERP, CRM, Shop and FinTech solutions in the SAAS industry. Among others we would like to mention:

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Tilretninger er ikke inkluderet i vores installations priser.

Det siger kunderne

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