Your responsibility as Data controller

As a data controller, you must comply with a number of obligations. Read through here and take control of your role in the personal data regulation.

We have listed your main general obligations, which also apply to your data in Wedoio, to make the process more manageable for you.

It is important to underline that you are the data controller and we are the Data processor. This means that you are responsible for your data in Wedoio-our role is to manage data on your behalf.

We have published our data Processor agreement on our website that you can download a copy of right here.

  • (i) Process personal data in accordance with the Regulation (Information obligation and consent requirements);
  • (I) have the obligation to inform the data subject about the collection of
  • (I) have an obligation to provide information on the personal data collected;
  • You have a duty to tell who is able to process collected data
  • (I) have a duty to provide the purpose behind the data collection;
  • (i) Develop a policy on the length of time in the container of personal data collected;
  • (I) to organise and develop IT systems that take account of data protection;
  • You need to know if your data is physically located in Denmark, in the EU or outside the EU. Wedoios data are stored in Copenhagen
  • You must prepare an inventory of your processing activities. In Wedoio contexts you should describe how you treat collected data
  • Your systems must be set up by default to promote the greatest possible data protection, and we offer role protection

If you are unsure if your company meets the obligations of the regulation, then we recommend that you read This checklist Prepared by the Danish industry (DI).

The checklist contains the main main areas of the personal data regulation, so you can be sure that you have not overlooked important obligations.

The above information has been prepared Danish industry, IT Industry as well as Data protection Websites.