Our responsibility as Data processor

As a data processor, we must comply with a number of specific obligations. Read through here and learn more about Wedoios role in the personal data regulation.

Our obligations include:

  • We must inform you if we assess an instruction to be illegal
  • We need to back up so your data does not go away
  • We must process personal data based on your instructions
  • We must ensure that your data is stored securely
  • We need to instruct our staff on how to manage personal data correctly, according to the regulation
  • We must prepare a data processor agreement

We have published our data Processor agreement on our website that you can download a copy of right here.

We do not enter into specific agreements with our customers – instead we prepare a data processor agreement for all our customers.

Below we have listed the most important requirements for the content of a data processor agreement so that you are informed about what to be aware of.

The requirements for a processor agreement:

  • The framework for the processing of personal data
  • Documented instructions
  • Confidentiality and obligation of secrecy
  • Processing security
  • Under Data processors
  • Cooperation with the data controller;
  • Deletion or return of personal data information
  • Notification of illegal instructions

The above items must be included in a data processor agreement. If only one of the requirements is not included in the agreement, the agreement is deemed null and void. The agreement must be shown in writing as well as electronically.

You can read more about Wedoio’s liability in the personal data regulation in our FAQ with our customers’ typical questions about the regulation and about your responsibility as data controller.

The above information has been prepared Danish industry, IT Industry as well as Data protection Websites.