Wedoio Cookies

Wedoio uses cookies on our websites to monitor web traffic on the site, including the number of visitors and the most visited pages, so the content is continually improved for our users.

To track cookies, we use both Google Analytics and affiliate partner programs. Cookies on are used to both improve the user experience and target marketing. Our cookie life is 30 days.

What is a cookie-and what does Wedoio use cookies for?

A cookie is a small text file that contains small amounts of information that is downloaded to your computer when you visit a website. This information is then sent back to the website you are visiting. Wedoio’s cookies contain no private information such as personal names or birthdays.

Cookies allow a website to recognize the machine you are using and the data that has been saved allows you to surf the pages easily, without waiting for each page to load the information again. The pages remember your preferences and increase the user experience of a website. Cookies are also used to improve service and advertising.

The collection of cookies on is governed by the laws and regulations applicable to cookies on commercial websites.

You can read more about cookies at

How do we collect cookies?

Wedoio uses the following services to collect cookies:

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to help us collect information about the number of visitors, visitor duration, visitor sources and which pages work best-and thus which we can improve so that the user experience gets better.

Learn more about Google Analytics.

Other applications
We use advanced tracking to optimize and monitor our marketing efforts. None of our tracking programs leave unwanted information on your computer – but work with cookies to monitor visitor activity on

Do you want to disable cookies?

If you want to disable cookies, you can follow our instructions below-choose the appropriate browser:

Note! Blocking or deleting future cookies will have an impact on how the page works. If you have only deleted your cookies but have not blocked them, we will still track cookies from your machine. See the above guides to block cookie tracking.