A group of dedicated WEB, ERP and Integration solution specialists, focusing on automation and optimization of processes.

Carefree Integrations!

About Us

Wedoio has roots in Denmark, but we are a global team of contractors, developers and designers, all of whom work to change how we integrate digital systems. Our HQ is in Copenhagen.

A thorough and in-depth knowledge of companies ‘ needs for agile and flexible integrations and services is always set for Wedoios solutions.

Wedoio’s solutions are mainly negotiated by Uniconta partners around the world, where Wedoio, in cooperation with local distributors and partners, develops and adapts the solutions according to market and customer requirements.

Our vision for the future

We believe that innovation in digital technology will provide greater agility in every type of business. The digital solutions undergo fundamental changes, which will only accelerate in the coming years – and the Wedoio is in all the way. We ensure that companies can take advantage of these changes while they happen by developing intelligent integrations and solutions.

Creative integration solutions and new techniques, as well as business and system understanding, allow our company to be innovative in an industry where change has been slow and prices have been high.

Wedoio’s dream is to create simple products, and to think and develop solutions to facilitate everyday life for any type of business, and above all, corporate employees.

Partners, playmates, customers and other friends


it is in our DNA.