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Wedoio develops intelligent automation and integration solutions based on decades of knowledge and experience about business systems, and not least customer needs.

Wedoio IPAAS

Wedoio bases its solutions on a self-developed cloud integration platform. It ensures high flexibility in the solutions, and provides access to individual, fast and agile customization as needed.

Wedoio Development

Wedoio develops integrations and automation solutions for a large number of customers via a well-developed network of partners at home and abroad.

Solutions for every need

Integration between business systems creates value in the company, provides better data, and ensures that data is correctly synchronized between different systems, with a minimum of manual processes.

Wedoio has a wide range of solutions that can secure your data, as well as help you to better data flow, rational workflows and focus on the most important parts of the business.

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Collaboration with Wedoio

Wedoio possesses decades of knowledge and experience in a range of IT. We combine knowledge and experience from IT, with insight and understanding of User wishes and needs.

Therefore, Wedoio is the ideal partner when a high level of integration and automation is desired, thereby optimizing flows, reducing time consumption, and optimizing the business.

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Wedoio simplify workflows

Simplifies workflows, data is synchronized between systems

Solves “Master data” challenges, and keeps systems up to date.

Real-time updates of most data records.

Creative solution with deep integration between Uniconta and WooCommerce

The integration between Uniconta and WooCommerce is based on the premise that it must be possible to handle all normal everyday tasks in the shop, directly from Uniconta. Customers, orders, items and stock numbers are synchronized automatically. A significant difference between normal integrations and this integration is, among other things, that all relevant item data is maintained in Uniconta, both texts, categories and images. Today, the solution includes more than 20 add-on modules that can expand the solution, depending on the specific needs.

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More about Wedoio

Wedoio Integrations has been working specifically with the development of integrations to Uniconta since 2016, ie approximately at the same time as Uniconta saw the light of day.
The first project Wedoio solved was the development of a complete REST API for Uniconta. Since then, Wedoio has developed a number of integration solutions based on specific customer needs, added Wedoio’s deep insight into and understanding of users and the systems.
Today, Wedoio employs approx. 10 employees.

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Partnere, legekammerater, kunder og andre venner

That’s what customers say

With Wedoio’s WooCommerce integration, we’ve got brand new options that we did not have with our previous integration Now we handle everything around products, pictures and orders directly from Uniconta. Even individual prices and payment options we can now manage directly from Uniconta.

Rúnar Sigurdsson, Answer, CEO & Founder


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